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The Library of Fragrance Perfume in Peach* - £15
The Library of Fragrance are a fairly new addition to the UK - as far as I'm aware they have been in the US for a while (under the name of Demeter) although it's only in recent months I've began to see them in stores such as Boots. The idea behind the fragrances is that they are singular scents - they smell of one thing and one thing alone. They can be worn as a single scent or can be mixed with others to make a new scent. 

I was intrigued as to how 'peachy' this fragrance would actually smell - I definitely did not expect it to be as spot on as it is. It literally, smells like a peach brought from a grocery store. It's not the excessively sweet peach smell that you get from most perfume, it literally does smell like a peach. (I've said 'literally smells like peach' SO many times but seriously.. it literally does). These fragrances are so unusual and whilst I do love a rich scent, it's nice to have something fruity to wear during the day and it's definitely a recommendation for somebody looking for an unusual perfume. 

As I'm aware, Boots stock the most popular Library of Fragrance scents although if you're looking for the full selection of 101 scents (or 300, if you're in the US) you can find them on the Library of Fragrance website. I'm looking to buy the Play-Doh scent next! 

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  1. This sounds beautiful and glad they aren't too difficult to come by, I am intrigued by playdoh now too haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I REALLY want to try some scents from The Library of Fragrance! I need Peach!


  3. I love peach scents! I have the Lychee one, which is really nice for daytime xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog