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£15 from British Heart Foundation

For an awfully long time I've been using an old IKEA plastic chair as a bedside drawer. I eventually decided that it couldn't go on, so set out to find a new drawer to suit my bedroom. It was a long quest and it was made a lot more difficult by the fact that there isn't a set colour theme or style in my bedroom. 

Eventually me and my Mum found this bedside drawer in the British Heart Foundation furniture shop in Birmingham. We always look on the off chance as she loves upcycling furniture and it would be a shame to miss out on a bargain. We thought that £15 was reasonable for the drawer - I know it's not exactly a 'bargain' as such but it's sort of mid-range and I'm glad that the money goes to a charity. The drawer is incredibly well made and you can tell by how sturdy the drawer is and also the fact that the back of the drawer is rock hard and isn't just stapled on. We did also manage to save ourselves £20 by taking the drawer home on the bus instead of having it delivered!

Once I had my drawer, the quest to find some nice paint began. It took me a long time to decide on a colour, I initially thought I was going to paint it a duck egg blue colour (but as you can probably see below, that didn't quite happen!). In the end it was a case of just going to the shop and seeing whether the staff had a colour recommendation - they really know their stuff! It was them who introduced me to the idea of using two colours instead of one and I think it was a great idea - it adds so much more to the drawer. 

I absolutely love the new look of my drawer - once I had finished I brought a wicker heart (can be brought from pretty much any shop - the works, the range etc!) to add to the handle for a bit of decoration. I love how it has a messy finish to it, I didn't sandpaper it at all (although it does give a lovely retro look) - it's just a bad paint job! I sort of like that though - it adds a bit more interest to it rather than it just being opaque. 

Have you ever tried upcycling? Feel free to link me to your posts as I love a good DIY!

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  1. I love upcycling, what a fab idea!

    Sophie x

  2. Oh yay it looks lovely and such a good idea, I always get furniture from charity shops thats when I can actually afford it, and hoping to do a similar thing to an old bookcase xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Good luck with it! I love charity shops! :) xx

  3. it looks so pretty!! i love the two tone look and the colors you chose look amazing!!! xo

  4. Ohh it looks so lovely now! <3 xo

  5. I love upcycling! This looks gorgeous xx