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Valentines Day Gifts for Him & Her

By 07:36

Double Woven Leather Bracelet from Pandora- £45.00
Photo Frame from Poundland - £1
Flowers - (On any budget!)

For her, I've chosen out some of my favourite kind of gifts. I absolutely adore my Pandora Bracelet and I wear it everyday - although any jewellery could be a winner depending on the style. Perfume is another one to go for, as well as some flowers or possibly my favourite choice, this photo frame from Pound Land. Can you guess how much it costs? £1!

Head Massager from Red5 - £4.95
Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bobble Head from Forbidden Planet - £12.99
Mr Messy Mug* from Utility - £7.99
Map Paper Weight from eBay - £9.50 (free p&p)

A head massager is quite an unusual gift but I absolutely swear by mine - it is so incredibly relaxing! I think a new mug is always a winner too, I love this Mr Messy one from Utility, it reminds me of my childhood! There is also loads of merchandise around for those who area little geeky - I actually brought this bobble head for my brother (as he loves the Big Bang Theory) and he keeps it 'BNIB' in his bedroom.

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  1. What great picks, love the idea of the head massager!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Great ideas! I love the mr messy mug, although that'd be more appropriate for me than my boyfriend XD

    Elesaurus | elesaurusrawr.blogspot.com
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  3. Lovely ideas! xx

  4. Head massagers are the bomb, perfect idea!