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This post is very very late I am aware - I've already lost one (almost two) month of 2015! That said there is still a lot that I want to change about my blog and I feel like documenting it may help me stick to my promises and also get some feedback on what other people think.

Find a schedule and stick to it
I used to upload three posts a week and to be honest I was pretty good with that considering that I am a student as well. Recently however it's fallen down the drain and I just sort of upload when I have a post which can go up. I need to start writing posts in advance and scheduling them to go up during the week so that I don't have to worry about uploading. The schedule I'm thinking is Wednesday and Sunday, and maybe change it from there if I need to.

Higher quality posts 
I want to make sure that the posts I upload are of a better quality rather than just doing as many as possible - I'm hoping to produce a quality that I am proud of so that I can look back at my old posts in the future without cringing too much!

Make better use of social networks 
I've already started using Pinterest this year and I am already obsessed. My main traffic sources at the moment are Bloglovin' and Twitter, although I want to start using other platforms to try and build some traffic: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I am awful at keeping my facebook updated because I don't really use it any more!

Get to know other bloggers
This year I want to make more of an effort to actually get to know other bloggers and make some new friends! This includes going to more events, commenting on others' blogs and also taking part in more twitter chats. This is quite an important one for me, I feel like it's easy to get into a bit of a rut when I just schedule posts!

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