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If I'm being honest, when Benefit announced that they were releasing a new mascara I was baffled. I swear by the They're Real mascara and I had no idea how well the Roller Lash would perform in comparison. Roller Lash is supposed to be different in that it holds a curl and is a much more natural daytime look, ideal for those who have straight lashes.

The mascara has a 'hook and roll' brush, it's different to most brushes as it has little hooks on the wand to catch the lash (it took me a while to see them as I am slightly long sighted - they are that little!), meaning that it lifts and curls as you bring it up the lashes. One of the benebabes told me that the mascara works best if you actually roll it up the lashes, it takes a bit of getting used to although it does look great!

One of the perks of the Roller Lash is that it doesn't require lash curling - I used to curl my lashes everyday although being able to just put this on straight away saves a lot of time in the morning! The formula is slightly different to They're Real, it's a lot easier to remove although it still has the lasting power and sits well on my lashes throughout the day, despite the fact that I have oily eyelids. Benefit's claim is that it lasts for 12 hours - I don't usually keep my mascara on for that long as I like to remove my makeup as soon as I get home, but 8-ish hours without it being down my cheeks is still good going!

At the moment you can also pick up a free sample of the Roller Lash mascara with this months issue of Elle Magazine! (£4). It's well worth picking up if you want to try a sample before getting your hands on the full size.

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  1. I have about 6 mascaras open at the moment but I have wanted this mascara for ages so I might have to splurge!

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow