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My Dads genetics have unfortunately *blessed* me with incredibly dry hands. They crack, peel and just generally don't feel or look nice in the slightest. This winter I decided to stray from my beloved HEMP Hand Cream from the Body Shop, and instead decided to try out Hand Chemistry.

Hand Chemistry is ideal for those with incredibly dry hands and also for general use in bad weather, as it is intended to intensively nourish and moisturise but also protect the skin. It contains a Protective Shield Matrix which forms an invisible layer on the skin's surface, to ensure that moisture is locked into the hands and protects against coldness.

I like the packaging on this - it looks sleek and there's a lot of product which will last for a long time. Especially since you only need a really small amount to moisturise your hands. It sits differently to HEMP on the skin - HEMP is very thick and sinks into the skin immediately whereas Hand Chemistry definitely hydrates but seems to leave a bit of a layer on the skin (I assume that's the Protective Shield Matrix). If I'm being honest I wasn't sure if I liked it at first instance - it's a bit difficult when using it before driving/writing etc as my hands feel slippery although it's ideal to use just before leaving the house. It does do an amazing job at hydrating the hands, especially after being used for 10 days consecutively but I would definitely recommend either for consecutive use or just as a hand cream as-and-when you need it.

Hand Chemistry is starting to become available in Boots although it is also available on Beauty Expert with 25% off, at £14.24

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