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There’s a lot of make-up free for March advice floating around the web as stats have revealed that almost two third of British women end up wearing a full face of make-up almost every day. Also, the 5:2 skin diet rule, meaning going makeup free for at least two days of the week, is apparently meant to make skin look considerably younger as we age. Water is also an underrated element according to a Harley Street Dermatologist who suggests it has amazing anti-ageing, hydrating and healing properties. Why go without make-up? Well so your skin is allowed to repair and rejuvenate and feel comfortable without having to deal with irritations involved with wearing make-up.

Keep the weekends reserved for au naturale skin days but if you want to fake a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look on the weekdays, be it at work or college – here’s a few tips to master the Spring trend.

Makeup Products You’ll Need
Foundation. Something that’s light and breathable. Modern formula and finish.

Bronzer/Contour. Opt for cool toned shades and gel based formulas with a natural sheen. Matte looks unnatural on skin and you want to avoid anything too dewy.

Blush. Again, liquid formulas, tints and cream blushers work wonders for a natural look. Look for ones that make skin look supple and healthy with a natural flush that suits your skin tone.

Liner. Regardless of the formula, avoid a graphic or cat liner and choose to line and define the eyes to make them look awake and the lashes appear fuller.

Brows. Fill them in with powder for a natural look. Opt for cool toned shades to mimic natural brow hairs and create texture. Don’t overfill, less is more.

Makeup Brushes You’ll Need
Angled Foundation Brush: Made of synthetic fibres, it’s sure to apply and blend foundation softly and in an airbrushed way. No more harsh lines, tide marks or a cakey finish as it provides the lightest finish.

Large Angled Contour Brush: For any bronzer, face sculpting and cheek shading needs. Unlike a large fluffy brush, this MAC 168 dupe will apply product seamlessly and disperse pigment like it’s glowing from within. With no edges, no one will be able to tell where blusher or bronzer on the face starts or ends.

Blending Brush: Highly similar to the ever popular MAC 217 brush, this oval shaped, flat tapered blending brush can take care of airbrushed concealer and eye shadow needs. Apply a hint of colour and it does all the blending for you.

Angled Liner Brush: Versatile enough to get those brows sorted with a dusting of colour to make them look natural whilst also allowing you to neatly define the eyes with eye liner, it’s a must-have for the ‘no-makeup’ look.

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  1. Great tips! Love the images you chose too, this look is perfect for summer x

  2. I definitely love a lot less make up lately and making make up look natural. I love a fresh light base with long lashes and some high cheekbones with highlighter! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Can't beat long lashes and cheekbones!! Xx