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Three months into the year and lone behold, I'm still using up my older products in oppose to picking up new ones. Hooray! It's quite easy to get bored using the same products so I thought I would put together a selection of things I want to use up so I can still chop and change occasionally.

Revlon Photoready Primer

This Primer is a bit sentimental - I included it in my first ever blog post, although since my blog is almost one and a half years old, I think it's time I use it more before it reaches its two year expiry date. At the moment it's a daily product in my makeup routine although I really don't think it's essential. To be honest I doubt I'll give it a repurchase - Maybe I will one day when I have no primers left at all although, it doesn't seem to make my makeup stay on for that much longer. One plus is though that it has no SPF, so ideal for photography! 

Benefit Porefessional Primer

Porefessional is a different sort of Primer to the Photoready - I tend to use this just around my nose and it does a great job at disguising pores. That said, it's not a mandatory product and as pores aren't really my biggest problem area, I probably won't repurchase. I have about 10000 Porefessional samples to use and also the Maybelline baby skin, so I'll be here for a while!

MUA Pro Base Concealer Kit

I've already had quite a lot of use out of this I think - I've well hit pan on the salmon concealer as it works great covering dark circles. I've also started making use of the lighter, middle shade for blemishes (ironically supposed to be the 'highlighter shade'... But matches my skin perfectly). It was a nice purchase at only £3.50 but I don't really see myself repurchasing as I find the coverage quite light.

elf Concealer

I've had this product for a long time and I do really like it - it's a nice coverage for blemishes, quite high but not too cakey either. It's a budget price from elf although I probably won't repurchase it, purely because I'll have to make a whole order full of products or pay for postage (in which case, I may as well buy a more expensive concealer). I would repurchase if I ever find myself making another elf order though!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

I absolutely adore this foundation and it will be a definite repurchase for me. Shade 51 is light but also yellow toned, which matches my skin great and for once, doesn't make me look washed out. I can't decide whether I prefer the original foundation or the serum version - but I will be repurchasing one or the other when I need to!

Avon Pressed Powder

To be honest, a bit of a 'meh' powder for me. It's only a pressed powder - so I'm using it up - but I find it can make makeup look quite heavy and cakey if I don't use a light hand. I felt awesome when I hit pan on this, but definitely think I'll be buying the Rimmel Stay Matte powder next.

Benefit Bene Tint

Bene Tint is a bit of an annoying one for me - it can create a gorgeous flush of colour, don't get me wrong, but it can be incredibly difficult to apply the right amount of product and get it blended in so fast that it doesn't stain. My product is only a sample size so it should be a lot easier to use up - I'll sort of be sad to see it go but I've got lots of blusher which I want to use up afterwards!

FCUK Highlighter

I've had this highlighter for years and it has been my holy grail for quite a while. I'm in two minds about including it as I don't think I can repurchase it (it was from a Boots gift set about 5 years ago) but it is the most gorgeous light pink colour. Highlighter takes a long time to use up as I use such a little amount daily, although I've already managed to get half way through this.

Carmex Lip Balm

My bedroom seems to be lip balm and lipstick galore. I've adopted a 'first in, first out' policy and this is the first product which I want to use up and throw out. I actually didn't include a single lipstick in my product pan post as I find I wear lipstick depending on my mood, there isn't one which I could wear everyday! 

MUA Pro Brow Kit

I've hit pan on the two useable shades in this. I've had it for a while as I used to wear the darker shade when my hair was dyed but now it's lighter, I can use the lighter brown brow shade. I'll need to give this a couple more months of use although I think I've already had my £3.50 worth. I can see myself repurchasing this, although I wish I was now able to use more than one shade!

Avon Eye Liners

My drawer is black pencil liner galore so I've thrown about three so far in my bag to be used. Avon liners are soft and glide onto the eyes easily, and they are twist up so they don't need a sharpener. I'd repurchase although I'd wait into an offer is on and aim to pick one up for around £3.

Avon Eye Primer

Avon's eye primer is really nice - it takes a little getting used to as it can seem quite patchy although I think I was applying too much (a little goes a long way) and I seem to be able to get on with it well now. I wear this underneath MUA eyeshadow most of the time and my shadow doesn't crease at all during the day, which is a shocker considering I have oily eyelids.

Barry M Pencil Eyeshadow 

I brought this from Poundland as it has been discontinued from Boots/Superdrug. To be honest it's an okay shadow to wear everyday (in terms of colour) but it seems to crease pretty quickly, even with an eye primer. I'll definitely get some more use out of this as it has been hardly used although I'm not sure whether I'll end up just throwing it out before I reach the end. It's just not that good, and it only cost £1 so not too much of a loss! 

MUA Color Blast Eyeshadow Tint

I recieved this in my goody bag from the Birmingham Blogger Meet back in July and I absolutely love it! It's a lovely everyday colour although I always seem to forget about it in my makeup collection. For only £3 (I think!) I would definitely recommend and give it a repurchase.

One of the biggest perks of using up makeup for me is the satisfaction of finishing a product - I'm also really happy to be saving my money and I know that the satisfaction will be a lot greater when I get around to buying some new products. Are there any products that you're trying to use up? 

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  1. Good luck with using everything up! I'm trying to do the same with a few of my make up products at the moment but I don't have many spare base products and I'm not sure where to even start with colour products like blushes and eyeshadows!
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. Thankyou! Ah - don't make an effort to use them up then, just use them as normal! I'm trying to use up products that I don't necessarily love but are still wearable everyday, (I have a million neutral eyeshadows and rose pink lipsticks, for example) Xx

  2. I love the elf concealer although I am always the same I never want to buy enough to make it worthwhile for the postage really xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. So glad I'm not the only one! I love elf especially when there is a 50% off, I always get sucked in but don't really end up using most of the things I buy xx

  3. Oooh I'd love to see what you brought! X

  4. I also am doing a project pan, I have about 30 items to finish in 2015. A big job but I've already finished 5 or 6. I agree, it feels so good when you finally hit pan on a product you've been trying to use more (or don't really like). And for the Avon pressed powder, the Rimmel stay matte is my all-time-favorite powder! Good luck! xoxo

    1. I'd love to see how you're getting along with yours - 5 products is loads! I've hit pan slightly more on the Avon powder but I think I had expected it to run out in weeks after the pan started to show (I was very wrong). Think I'll go for the rimmel stay matte or the bourjois healthy balance powder - heard good things about both!