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Angel Feet

By 07:30

Excuse the slightly strange title but I'm sure you'll soon see where it came from. I'm not one for taking outfit photos usually but I decided I'd give it a shot (no pun intended) since I had finally gotten around to using my camera remote. Once I'd got over the 'omg everyone is watching me take photos through the window' moment I didn't mind it too much although I came inside to find ORBS. On every photo, literally following my feet. I really didn't fancy having to re-shoot all of the photos, so from now on I've decided to rename my feet. Angel feet.

My outfit is pretty basic items all over although I recently picked up a Kimono-Blazer type thing from ASOS during the sale and I absolutely love it. It makes my outfit look so much more interesting and the colour goes with pretty much any basic pieces. I'm also really loving my bag which I won from Becki's giveaway on her blog, Bags of Style. I had been looking for a nice, black leather-style bag for a while and this one fits the entire bill, it's the perfect size for taking around during the Summer!

Tshirt - New Look 
Kimono - ASOS {Sale} 
Jeans - New Look 
Shoes - Primark 
Bag - H&M {thanks to Becki at Bags of Style}
Bracelet - Pandora

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  1. What a cute, every day look! I really like the kimono and the bag!

  2. I absolutely adore that kimono, you can get such good asos sale bargains I love having a good old browse (for hours!) xxx