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Kitchen Items You May Forget To Take To Uni

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Results day has now been and gone and if you're going to University, it's now time to think about accommodation, moving and freshers. What I found last year when I started is that each University provides different items in their halls, so it's important that you find out what is and what isn't provided before going out to buy things.

Because I live at home with my parents I didn't have the issue of having to buy items at the time although having temporarily moved house, me and my mum have found ourselves in a similar scenario where we have to buy everything from scratch and there has been plenty of items that we have forgotten! Matalan in particular was one store that I hadn't really considered but they have a lot of quality items available, and at very reasonable prices too in their 'Back to Uni' store, which you can view here.

Silicone Spatula* - £2
Nylon Handle Can Opener* - £2
Silicone Handle Cheese Slice* - £2
Mini Cheese Grater (SIMILAR) - £1.06
Bottle Opener - £0.99
Silicone Handle Vegetable Peeler* - £2
Pack of 3 Scissors - £1.50

There are a whole range of smaller kitchen items that I think are easily forgotten but nevertheless very important. When we moved house, we brought a packet of scissors but were actually unable to open them without any scissors, believe it or not. You can usually pick up about ten million bottle openers from freshers, to be honest, but I thought I would add it in anyway!

Bamboo & Chrome Trivet* - £5

A trivet is an item I hadn't thought of when I moved house, although it's pretty important to have one as if your countertop is made of plastic then it will melt when you put a hot pan on it - not cool!

'Washing Up' Metal Sink Tidy* - £6

Whilst a sink tidy probably isn't a necessity, if you haven't got one, it is a good product to invest in as it saves a lot of mess on the countertops and keeps everything in one area for you, making the kitchen a lot more spacious and look a lot cleaner (even if it's not actually clean at all!!).

Heart Shaped Wooden Chopping Board* - £6

A chopping board is an important one too, to save your countertops from becoming damaged when cutting meat or vegetables. Usually I'd use separate boards for the two to prevent cross contamination, but I'd definitely recommend having at least one.

Floral Dustpan & Brush Set* - £5

Believe it or not, somebody has to do the cleaning! ;)

Salter Blender* - £20 (RRP £49.99)

A blender isn't a necessity as such, although I think it's easy to let a healthy diet go a bit lapse when you're on a student budget and I think a smoothie is a good way to have fruits and improve your diet a little. Believe it or not, freshers flu does exist and it's important to be eating loads of fruit, veg and having a balanced diet to try and fight it off. 

What items do you think are easy to forget when taking to uni? Or are you starting uni this year? :D

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  1. I own a cheese slice too, everyone is so amazed by it haha =]


  2. That blender is a really fab price and a trivet I have never heard of that before omg but I want one now haha xxx