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#Hiddengems in Birmingham

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Birmingham, oh Birmingham.. It may have one of the 'worst' accents but I was born here and I still live here to this day. Even when the time called to fill in my UCAS form and 'fly the nest' to University, I still decided to stay in Birmingham. There is so much to do here that I could never see the benefit in leaving, to be honest! I decided that since I have lived here for a whopping 19 years (and counting), it was about time that I wrote a post on things to try.

If you decide to visit Birmingham and stay in the centre, there is so much to see and do. The first things that spring to mind are shopping and the night life, although there really is so much more to that. 

  • Visiting the Back to Back houses 
The back-to-back houses are a lovely part of Birmingham's history and it's wonderful that some have remained to be visited. For a small cost (or free if you are a member of the National Trust) you can visit examples of Birmingham's houses as they once were, and they're pretty interesting!

  • A BBC Tour 
Despite living in Birmingham for so long it took me a long time to realise that there was actually a BBC around. You can use the open space for free although there is also a tour where you are able to view the set of The Archers, BBC WM, the Asian Network and the local BBC news set. It's nicely tucked away in the Mailbox and I'd definitely recommend it to any visitors!

  • Cadbury World 
Who doesn't love chocolate, hmm? Cadbury world offers a wonderful tour (although it is more of a day trip!!) which smells of chocolate throughout and is very nearby in Bourneville.

  • Sarehole Mill
Sarehole Mill is a local mill where flour is still made (and sold) to this day. My Mum brought my family to Sarehole Mill a few years ago and one thing I didn't realise was that J.R. R Tolkien lived very close nearby and used to spend time playing in Sarehole Mill.

    Of course, those aren't the only things to do in Birmingham - the list is endless. If you have never visited Birmingham before, of course you could visit the Bullring, the Library, St Martin's Church and visit the canal for a stroll. Another bonus when visiting Birmingham is the ease of hotels - Travelodge have plenty of hotels in the centre of Birmingham which are literally walking distance from all three train stations (and plenty of shops!!).

    Have you been to Birmingham before - is there anything that you would recommend that I've missed?

    *Vouchers received as compensation, but my thoughts are still my own

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