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Suddenly Madame Glamour - The Chanel Dupe

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I've heard about the famous 'Chanel dupe' many times in the past, although I've never gotten around to going to Lidl and buying it myself (I usually forget once I'm there!). However, when I popped in one Saturday a few weeks ago and realised that it was 50% off during the weekend, I decided to give it a go - I was gobsmacked to get 50ml of product for £1.99, and I didn't even know whether I actually liked the scent at this point. 

When I got home of course, Madame Glamour took priority over all groceries and I decided to give it a first smell. At first it's quite strong as are many perfumes but once the scent starts to fade, it smells lovely, and just like Chanel! I have never brought a full sized Chanel perfume due to the price but I have used sample sizes and it is most definitely comparable to the £70 original, Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. 

Admittedly the outer packaging is a bit of a let down. I rather like the white & gold outer box though, so I have opted to keep it stored inside the box - especially given this makes perfume last longer. That said it's an easy compromise to make for £4! 

Suddenly Madame Glamour has quickly made it's way into my collection of favourite perfumes and it's wonderful to have finally found a lovely, sophisticated event which is useful for everyday wear and does not cost the bank. I understand that some people would rather have the original, although I'm very open to saving such a large amount of money - what are your thoughts? 

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  1. I love Coco Mademoiselle, I'd probably try the dupe once I've ran out, (that may take a while though because I'm so stingy with it haha) because £4 is such a bargain!


  2. I love this as a dupe, and a replacement for my Chanel as an everyday spritz! For only £1.99 when the offer is on it is brilliant to stock up on! :)