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Recent research from Jacamo suggests that at least 40% of men suffer from 'Manxiety', particularly body confidence issues. Given the media that is around nowadays it is hardly a surprise statistic to hear however it is upsetting, given a that a lot of focus appears to be on women and the effect that media has on them. The topic has been discussed by Freddie Flintoff & Jack Whitehall and it can be viewed here.

Given that 35% of men find recieving a compliment a confidence booster, Jacamo's latest campaign involves, quite literally, giving out compliments.
I decided to write about my Dad about this post as we get on well and discuss a lot, although we never particularly discuss confidence issues or anything of that sort (It's more just about what's on TV on the evening!!). My Dad is your typical middle-aged man (Sorry, Dad!). He may not have the long wavy hair that he had when he was younger, and I fortunately inherited, but he has a fab sense of humour and he is always a pleasure to be around. His jokes may be awful, but I wouldn't have them any other way. He wouldn't harm a fly and avoids confrontation at all costs, yet he still knows when to intervene if you are in trouble and will always give you a helping hand.
This may sound a strange one, but I also love my Dad's lack of sense with money. Given that me and my Mum are very very thrifty, we both sometimes need encouragement to buy something new. My dad sees £10 for a chocolate advent calendar as a complete utter bargain (as it's 'only 40p per chocolate') whereas I know for a fact neither me and my mum would buy it had we gone alone. We do restrain him occasionally but it's nice to have the excuse for a good treat!

So, thanks Dad for being fab.
If you had to give a compliment to any man in your life, what would it be?
*I was given products for this post - thoughts still my own! 

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