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Tech Accessories: CaseIt & Trendz

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I'm sitting on my bed about to write a post and it suddenly dawns on me how central technology has become in my life compared to when I was a child - isn't it crazy? I don't think I could live without my phone at all and I know that my iPad and camera would be sadly missed. When it comes to accessories I'm a total eBay fan and 90% of the time you'll find I've brought all of the accessories that I need from there - although sometimes you can find that you have to compromise on quality (the iPad case which I brought in around October is now split down the side and there isn't much protection at all if it were to be dropped).

Recently I have been trying out a new iPad case and a new camera bag from Online brands Trendz and CaseIt and I wanted to write a review post as it has really opened my eyes to the increase in quality that you can get by spending a little more on a product. 

I have been using the iPad case for a solid few weeks and I'm seriously sold. I knew from the instant I saw it that I loved it - the colour is really bright and it makes my old iPad feel much more interesting. The case looks thick which I was admittedly slightly disappointed by at first as I like my tech to be sleek and thin so it's more practical for travelling, however the majority of the thickness occurs because the product is so well cushioned and I know my iPad would be protected well if I were to drop it. The inside of the iPad case is grey and there are four sections which can be stretched to fit your tablet in, making the product a lot more versatile for a whole load of smaller tablets. It's great knowing that I'd I ever get a newer iPad Mini then I can continue to use the same case!

A big thing for me when buying a tablet case is that I am able to stand the case so that I can watch things on my iPad more easily. I'm a university student and I use my iPad in the library a lot for re-watching lectures, looking at notes and using ebooks. It's really difficult to do so when you have to constantly hold the iPad up! I love that this case also does let me stand up my iPad and it doesn't slip down at all, which is the main factor for me. 

Bridge Camera Bag - £14.99 
Another item which I've spent a long time looking around for is a camera bag. I absolutely love my camera and before my house fire I used to keep it in a Primark handbag as I had nowhere else to store it, but it was lacking a lot in the protection department. After ruthless searches of eBay and Amazon I had no luck finding a camera bag that was suitable in terms of the protection it gives, price range and visual appeal (c'mon... It's gotta be at least a little bit pretty!) until I came across this camera bag from Trendz.

The camera bag is made with bridge cameras in mind and is really well protected: to undo the bag you'd have to undo a clip followed by undoing velcro and then undoing the zip all of the way around, which I doubt would go un-noticed when travelling. Similar to the iPad case the bag is very well cushioned to stop it getting damaged as easily and there are additional pockets at the side of the bag to store other small items (I usually take a little bit of loose change - just in case I lose my bus pass). There is a handle on the top of the camera bag for carrying although there is a detachable shoulder strap with padding so if you were travelling far and wanted to put it over your shoulder or around your body then you could easily do so without it feeling too uncomfortable.

I always used to go around buying the cheapest case which I was able to find, however after trying these I definitely think I'm a convert to a higher quality product which has better durability and will hopefully last longer. At £15 each these still aren't excessively expensive and they're absolutely fab quality! Where are your favourite places to buy tech accessories from? 

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