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Make Up Switch Up

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I am hopefully moving back into my house in about a month or so, and so I've been trying not to build up too much of a makeup collection (I'm waiting until I have moved and then I don't have the risk of anything breaking!). I've been using the same products constantly since about August, aiming to use them up so I can start a fresh and invest in some new items. That said, I have been hitting a bit of a rut recently where I'm fed up with using the same products everyday and wanting to use something new. 

And so, I took a sneaky pick into my 'extra-makeup' bag and found two items that are now being well loved in my daily makeup (even though I am supposedly saving them until I go home!) 

Mac Cinderella Coupe D'Chic Iridescent Powder
I actually won this product from Lucy at Lucy Loves a while back and I had been saving it until I used up some of my older products as I didn't want it to go to waste. I initially thought that this product may have been a sparkly blush when I first saw it in the pan, although upon swatching I think it is much more of a highlighter as the pigment isn't too strong. I absolutely love using this on top of my cheekbones with the Soap and Glory 'Love at first Blush', they look lovely together as they're both very illuminating with a slight pink to them.

Make Up For Ever Lipstick in N13
I knew that I absolutely loved this lipstick from the instant I applied it. It's a sheer lipstick which can be built up easily to create a lovely rosy lip look. It's a great 'my lips but better' shade. I don't wear this lipstick half as often as I should as I don't want to use it up (anyone else do that?!) although I'm determined to start wearing it more as it's so damn pretty! At the end of the day, it can be repurchased if need be!

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